People in glass houses and unturned stones…

Schäuble’s tirade against Greece: here’s a quick recommendation for a “counterpunch” to Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Economic Minister, who once “forgot” 100,000.00 DM in a drawer. Who is really corrupt and can’t handle money?

This corruption scandal in the year 2000 had its key-player “committing suicide”, and the public prosecuter was found dead in a car “accident”. The 100,000 was never found, but still cost Schäuble his position as head of the CDU. Germany got Angela Merkel as his replacement: she then promptly made him the Minister of Finance, not batting an eye. You just can’t make this stuff up.

HERE and HERE (and youtube HERE) for German, and HERE  and HERE for English. (New: HERE youtube with eng. subtitles)

Meanwhile souvenirs from a Greece solidarity demonstration in cold and wet Berlin today, 14.03.2015